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Two-Day DriverTrainer Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Certification Course

Backing collisions represent 30 to 60 percent of most fleets' total collisions and their associated costs can be significant. Smith System's Advanced Backing, Parking and Close-Quarter Maneuvering DriverTrainer Course helps drivers avoid this most common type of collision. This course is designed to instruct Smith System-certified, in-house Trainers how to build on the application of the Smith System 5Keys® to safe backing and parking, for collision avoidance. Drawing on the information previously delivered in the DriverTrainer course, the Trainers learn to conduct a series of close-quarter maneuvering exercises designed to create awareness of the vehicle handling characteristics. Trainees are taught to execute the backing maneuvering exercises, as well as how to deliver the information to their drivers through the demonstration/coaching process, and to evaluate their drivers’ success in performing the maneuvers. The exercises culminate in the practical application of the skills learned in the maneuvers for job-specific parking situations.

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6/2/20216/3/20218:00 AM - 5:00 PMArlingtonTXSmith System Office2301 East Lamar Boulevard, Suite 250, Arlington, TX 760065Register
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