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One-Day Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Course

Backing collisions represent 30 to 60 percent of most fleets' total collisions, and their associated costs can be significant. Smith System's Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Course helps your drivers avoid the most common type of collision. The Course is a full day session that trains a maximum of 5 drivers how to avoid backing whenever possible and to properly use safe backing techniques to avoid collisions when backing is necessary. It includes classroom instruction and hands on close quarter maneuvers. The proven Smith5Keys® are used to reinforce good driving habits and reduce risk behind the wheel. Hands on training includes: 1. Serpentine Maneuvering 2. Backing When Parking Practice • Straight Line Maneuver • 3-Point Sight Side Maneuver • 3-Point Blind Side Maneuver • 3-Point Parallel Parking 3. Blind Area Demonstrations 4. Diminishing Cone Exercise 5. Positioning of Mirrors Each participant will receive a Driver Handbook and a certificate of completion.

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